Zetta Zarbo


Silent Film Star

The stunning Zetta Zarbo is the quintessential ‘20s Hollywood silent film star. She is gracious and charming on the big screen, and in real life she’s a live wire. As a celebrity, she’s no stranger to blackmailers and deceivers but she hopes her personal life will take a turn, as she’s recently become the doting girlfriend of the notorious mobster, Hal Sapone.



 Hal Sapone

 Crime Boss | South Side Gang

Hal Sapone is the infamous organized crime leader of the South Side Gangsters in Chicago. It’s the height of Prohibition and this mobster is one of the leading bootleggers in the United States. Hal is a smooth operator and owns the popular speakeasy, The Grand Gatsby. This menacing lawbreaker is never seen without his faithful right-hand man, Tommy ‘Four Guns’ Beagle.



Mona Crawfish


Marathon Dancing Champion


Mona Crawfish is the national marathon dancing champion in the United States. On the dance floor, nobody can come close to beating her endless supply of energy. Mona is known for her frenzied personality, but as the new girlfriend of the notorious crime boss known as Beanie O’Dannon – some question if this prior ‘girl next door’ is involved in criminal activity.



Kara Low

Nightclub Singer

  This lighthearted flapper is a performer that hits on all sixes at The Grand Gatsby Speakeasy. This dame is a real canary, as a sizeable crowd gathers in the club on a regular basis to hear her sing. She’s an angel by a piano, but if you double cross this doll, she’s likely to turn into a bearcat.




Beanie O’Dannon

Crime Boss | Northern Mob Outfit

Beanie O’Dannon is the ruthless leader of the Northern Mob Outfit. His organization is known for bootlegging, running protection rackets, and illegal gaming. He is the formidable enemy of Hal Sapone. However, the two outfits have recently agreed to work together in their criminal endeavors. Everyone says this truce won’t last and someone will pull first blood. The only questions are when and who.




 Haddie Drinx


Speakeasy Waitress


The emotional Haddie Drinx is a long-time waitress at The Grand Gatsby and best friend of Mona Crawfish. Haddie dreams of becoming a night club singer and is deeply envious of Kara Low for stealing the vacant lounge singer position from her at Hal’s speakeasy months ago.






Tommy ‘Four Guns’ Beagle




Right-hand man to Hal Sapone




 Tommy ‘Four Guns’ Beagle is the elusive right- hand man to Hal Sapone. This gangster is keen on making up rhymes about his victims before he bumps them off. So, if you hear Tommy Beagle rhyming, start running!








Handsome Sam’ McWarthy




Right-hand man to Beanie O’Dannon




Handsome Sam is the ultimate ladies’ man and right-hand man to Beanie O’Dannon. Sam has not always made the appropriate choices of women, however, and this may land him into a sticky situation one day if he is not careful.








Hershey Bar


American Baseball League Outfielder | Jazz Musician


The talented Hershey Bar is a record-breaking American Baseball League outfielder. He is the brother of Handsome Sam McWarthy and a part time saxophone player at The Grand Gatsby. He is very talented and performs the sax to fulfill his childhood dreams of becoming a Jazz performer.






Wyleen Black


Tabloid Newspaper Reporter


This tabloid newspaper reporter is the most scandalous journalist in the history of Chicago. It is hard to find a soul in the city who isn’t stressing under the spell of blackmail by Ms. Black. Wyleen’s nosy and conniving ways will certainly get her into major trouble one day – and it cannot come soon enough for most.
















Harry Looper


Silent Film Actor
Harry Looper is the long-time best friend of Zetta Zarbo. These two are preparing for a new silent film, ‘The St. Patrick’s Day Massacre.’ Harry is a sweet and sensitive man who would never hurt a flea. Unfortunately for Harry, Hal Sapone is quickly growing tired of Harry and Zetta’s friendship and so he should watch his back if he continues to be Zetta’s best friend.
















Jazzy Fringe
Flapper | Night Club Singer
The egotistical Jazzy Fringe is a regular performer at Beanie O’Dannon’s club, The Two Aces. However, this club is not nearly as popular as Hal Sapone’s Grand Gatsby – so Jazzy’s openly been after Kara Low’s job at Hal’s speakeasy. Jazzy Fringe will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
















Chuck Limberger
American Pilot
Chuck Limberger is the loveable but airheaded American pilot and brother to Mona Crawfish. He is planning to fly a solo non-stop Trans-Atlantic mission, but is being delayed by the skeptics around him. This determined alcohol-loving pilot will try anything to show that he can take his metal wings to the skies.
















Marlie Maplin
Silent Film Star | Mime
Marlie Maplin is the greatest comedic mime of all times. He is the best silent film comedy star in Hollywood, and everyone loves to be around him as he constantly performs humorous mimes. Just don’t get on his bad side, as his mime-mockery sessions can be brutal.
















Fay Stingray
American Novelist
Fay Stingray is peculiar and quite conservative flapper girl. Working diligently on a new novel, she has been relentless with her research on the rival mobster gangs in Chicago. It is impossible to determine what this writer is thinking, as she lingers in the shadows to soak in the scene around her.
















Baby Face O’Toole
















Mobster | Northern Chicago Mob Outfit
Baby Face O’Toole is a loyal and dedicated mobster from the Northern Chicago Mob Outfit. He is one of the most unpredictable gangsters from the north, and his intolerance is legendary. He is quick to put an end a fight, but it’s usually with his trusty Tommy Gun.
















Gloria Valentino
















Upcoming Silent Film Star
















Gloria Valentino is a beautiful upcoming silent film star. She’s just breaking the surface of the Hollywood scene and proclaims her only true inspiration is Zetta Zarbo. Gloria just finished filming a bit part in her first silent film and is desperately awaiting her turn at becoming one of Hollywood’s rich and famous.
















Sherlock Tracy
















Homicide Detective
















Sherlock Tracy is an infamous homicide detective.  In recent years, he’s had a reality television crew following him around at the station for his reality show, Big City Cops. The producers love it when Sherlock talks in clichés and performs rhymes, which he does constantly! It makes for good television!
































Dolly Dee Seiner
















Doll Designer
















Dolly Dee is the prim and proper doll designer and dedicated friend to everyone.  If you need a shoulder to cry on, choose Dolly’s. She’s known for giving excellent advice and is the most comforting person around! She’s a talented designer, but the theme of her recent doll line is raising eyebrows.
































Bameril Lacrosse
















Celebrity Chef
















Bameril Lacrosse is the quirky and skittish celebrity chef, restaurateur, and television personality. He’s best known for his five-star restaurants in hot spots around the globe, and for the hit cooking show, The Essence of Bameril.
































Jackey T. Pressen
















Owner – Madison Dry Cleaners
















Jackey Pressen owns the only dry cleaning shop in town, Madison Dry Cleaners – lovingly named after Jackey’s first-grade teacher, Martha Madison. Jackey is fun-loving, sentimental, and loves to dance – but lacks a shred of talent when it comes to cuttin’ a rug!
































Pepper Keegrip
















Television Producer
















Pepper Keegrip is the neurotic television producer who sings her words instead of speaking them.  She produces both Bameril Lacrosse and Sherlock Tracy’s reality television shows and is a stressed-out workaholic.
































Blondie Fawn
































Blondie Fawn cringes at the phrase has been, as her time’s up on the Hollywood scene. In her last movie, she played the role of a grandmother, which killed her ego, as she’s only forty!  This former star’s a tad delusional, so be careful what you say to her – drama is her middle name.
































Bryan Seafoam
















Radio Disc Jockey / TV Host
















Bryan Seafoam is the outgoing radio disc jockey and host of the reality television show Big City Cops. Bryan’s charisma fills the room, but he’s got a bad habit of projecting his voice too loud!
































Mike Robes
















Bioterrorism Researcher
















Mike Robes is the inquisitive bioterrorism researcher.  He’s invented mind-blowing bioterrorism counter devices that you’d never imagine could exist!  Some say he’s an utter genius!  Mike can let his paranoia get the best of him, so while you’re around Mike, try to put his thoughts at ease!
































Bill Shananagan
















NFL Coach
















Bill Shananagan is the obnoxious National Football League coach of the Murphysburg Cheetahs.  Bill is one of the best coaches in the league but has a difficult time leaving his coaching techniques on the field. Bill can be quite boorish and bossy in person!
































Roxy Rich
































As long as you don’t mind being judged, Roxy Rich is a good friend to have. An opinionated heiress, Roxy’s the biggest socialite in town! She knows nearly everyone in the town of Murphysburg – including most of their secrets. Roxy can be a bit of a gossip at times.
































Luke Fude
















Food Inspector
















Luke Fude is a hilarious guy.  He’s a knee-slapping comedian by night and a serious-minded food inspector by day.  Luke’s best pals beg him to break into stand-up comedy, as he constantly makes everyone laugh.
































Cha-Cha Merengue
















Ballroom Dance Instructor
















Cha-Cha is the beautiful ballroom dance instructor.  She’s a little hyperactive, and rarely stands still—especially if there’s music playing! This fiery instructor dances nonstop! Where does she get the energy?
































Pawnie McQueen
















Professional Chess Player
















Pawnie McQueen is a professional chess player.  This Queen of the Knights will tell you how it is with her blunt honesty! Some say she uses the candid approach to throw off her competitors. Since she wins championships, something’s working for her.
















Jamie Bond
















Secret Agent
















Secret Agent Jamie Bond is the mysterious secret agent. Jamie hails from Murphysburg but moved away years ago after landing a job with the government. Nobody knows who she works for, and she often travels with many of her colleagues.
































Malev O. Lent
















Reality TV Star
















Everyone is growing tired of the media scandals involving Malev O. Lent. Malev’s a bully who achieved fame from her tacky behavior toward her competitors during reality television shows. She was nicknamed E-squared by the Hollywood elite – derived from the words egotistical and evil. Since Malev has made many enemies, she doesn’t go anywhere without her bodyguards.
































Ramsey Gordon
















Celebrity Chef
















This seasoned cooking show veteran and restaurateur is known for his crabby attitude and foul temper. He’s a middle-aged star who is married to the love of his life – food. People don’t appreciate his brutish sense of humor, and he speaks his mind without a care of anyone’s feelings. Ramsey often travels with sous chefs from his many restaurants around the world.
































Holly Tate
















Party Planner
















This world class party planner gets to take credit for throwing the largest party of the year, The Valentine’s Masquerade Ball
































Avery Oceans
































Avery is a compulsive gambler and is quick to make bets for even the smallest amount of money.  A constant risk taker, Avery is definitely high-energy and difficult to be around for long periods.  Unfortunately, Avery has recently acquired a substantial debt with the wrong kind of people.
































Professor Alex Newton
















Absent-Minded Professor
















The charismatic Alex Newton is the ultimate absent-minded professor.  Inquire about science, and you’ll be blown away by Alex’s intellect.  Ask about anything else, and you’ll hear nothing besides average chatter.
































Cat Willows
































Cat  Willows is the dependable trace evidence specialist from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Known to suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Cat checks test results two, three, or even four times!  However, if Cat’s analyzed the data – you know the analysis is correct.
































Dallas Ewing
































Dallas Ewing is on an expedition searching for new business opportunities.  Everyone is growing tired of the media exposing Dallas Ewing’s troubles – especially the good people of New Orleans!  Egotistical & spoiled are two words that sum up this mogul.
































Meagan Lutz
































Quiet, kind, and conscientious. Often puts the needs of others above their own needs. Observer with rich inner world of observations about people. Very perceptive of other’s feelings. Private and polite.
















Dr. Eric Throsite
































Is there a doctor in the house?  Yes, of course! It’s Dr. Eric Throsite! He’s the one to tell you to eat an apple a day…except it won’t keep him far away as he’s only 3 inches from your face when he’s speaking to you!  Beware if you don’t appreciate the art of close-talking!
































Christine Bartlett
















Botique Owner
















Outgoing, social, open, does not like being alone. Easy to read. Warm-hearted and popular. Christine Bartlett owns a trendy downtown botique shop and always has all the gossip.
































Harry Heart
















Football Player
















Harry Heart is the heartthrob quarterback of the St. Louis Lambs.  He’s a handsome and charismatic man during his after-game television interviews and has gained quite the fan club.  He’s also a perfect gentleman in every way – on camera.  Off the field, however, he’s a lazy couch potato with the most appalling manners you’ve ever seen. It’s a mystery how Hanna lives with this ill-mannered sloth!
































Hanna Heart
































Hanna Heart is the energetic cheerleader for the St. Louis Lambs Football team!  Hanna was the most popular girl back in high school. For this reason, she’s used to getting her way.  At times, she can be aggressive and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.
































Chief C. R. Badges
















Chief of Police
















You would never guess a meager, self-questioning man could climb his way into the highest-ranked spot with the Anonville Police Department! Chief C.R. Badges is a kind-hearted gentleman who swore to serve & protect, but his job performance is hindered by his social awkwardness and nervous behavior. Some townies think he’s hiding something.
































Mallory Razor
















Cat Burgler
















Walking, talking, purring class. She doesn’t steal; she liberates. She doesn’t lie; she fibs. She steals from the rich and gives to… herself, but she’s so graceful and easy on the eyes that you’ll want to let it slide.
































Reese Cerulean
































Reese is quite powerful, as s/he owns most of the businesses and properties in town. Rumor has it that Reese’s pile of gold came from frivolous lawsuits many years ago. Reese has a short fuse, and you don’t want to light it – especially if wish to avoid wasting countless hours of your life in a courtroom.